Monday, September 10, 2007

Exotic fruit of the day.

Hmm. What are these exotic red fruits scattered around the base of a tree, one of several conspecific trees in front of a new condominium complex? Well, the leaves look like dogwood, but how come the fruits look so unfamiliar?

Because the tree is the Kousa dogwood, Cornus kousa, native to eastern Asia.

As I photographed these and other things, the curious emerged from their units and wordlessly followed me around. A man is taking pictures. We must find out what he sees, because we have not the ability to see them for ourselves. (?!?)

I took a couple of the fruits home. Thankfully I was not followed by my accidental throng, probably because I was walking more than a block, which in suburbia is the mark of insanity.

Inside was orange mush,

And three seeds.


Wanderin' Weeta said...

I had never noticed those before. They say they are edible; did you by any chance taste them before you squished them?

Cicero Sings said...

Ah, to walk in suburbia is indeed an anomaly! A bit of a hoot ... your entourage.

A Local Naturalist said...

No, I didn't taste them because I wasn't sure they were edible. Perhaps I'll go back today and have a try.

A Local Naturalist said...

Plus it will give my entourage something to do too. :)