Sunday, September 30, 2007

Someone left the book out in the rain...

Under a tree in a local park, next to a playground, an abandoned book. Whose is it, and what is it? No name inside, no library stamp. It is odd book, an anthology that started with Patriot Games and ended with Not Without my Daughter. I forget what was in between, because there was another surprise when I opened it:

Someone had folded many of the pages thusly, and then perhaps tried to set the book on fire. Not a nice thing to do to a book. Off to the side was an empty vodka bottle, which may or may not have had something to do with the book's location and condition.

I closed the book and placed it back under its tree for others to puzzle over.

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pookie said...

My guess? It was the editor of the anthology, or perhaps one of the authors of a chapter, who, in a vodka-aided depressive episode, visited her childhood playground, where she had first dreamt big dreams. There, she attempted to set alight in a kind of literary funeral pyre the only published work she had written (well over a decade ago), which, at the golden and heady time of publication, she had believed would lead to bigger and better things. She was wrong. It was an insult to injury that she couldn't even manage to get the book alight, so she cursed audibly and left it there to rot.

Do I sound melodramatic? I don't give a shit.