Friday, October 12, 2007

Always take your camera.

I was walking to the grocery store today under a perfect blue sky. Two blocks from home I heard them again, snow geese on high. A skein of about two hundred was passing over, a twisting net not quite managing the classic V. They were scarcely out of earshot before a second, larger group passed over, a broken V, one arm twice the length of the other and bearing two or three side-branches.

They were way up there, invisible to those of us down here with less than, say, 20/30 uncorrected vision, yet their voices were arriving at ground level as distinctive, individual honks. Some five-pound bird two thousand feet up emits a honk, what it is programmed to do while in transit, and way down below on the sidewalk a guy on his way to buy 2% hears it and looks up.

My camera, Mr. Hesitation, has 10X magnification, enough to provide a decent skein-shot. I wished I had brought him with me. In this digital age one must always provide a jpeg, otherwise it never happened.

Listen, look up (get out of your car), and always take your camera.


Cicero Sings said...

Ah yes, I always pocket my camera now ... even if it is just up to get the mail ... one never knows what one may see or hear!

A Local Naturalist said...
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A Local Naturalist said...

Yes, especially you must always take your camera, because you live somewhere startlingly beautiful and you have an eye for what to shoot!



Wanderin' Weeta said...

"In this digital age one must always provide a jpeg, otherwise it never happened."

Laurie's camera is down with a bug, and mine never seems to do well on bright beaches. So today we didn't see a small flock of diving birds (loons?)off Kwomais Point (Ocean Park area).

Must have been hallucinating.

A Local Naturalist said...

Perhaps they only looked like a flock of loons; they might have been an ogopogo (coastal variety).

Oh, for a photo.