Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Followed by lions.

The recent storms returned snow to The Lions, those distinctive twin peaks within the north shore skyline. So I find myself looking at them more frequently as I ride along (when meteorological circumstances allow). Because the bog is flat, you can see them from almost anywhere and they follow you the way a full moon chases your car through tree branches.

Now and then you lose them, here in the tall birch hedgerows that line the CPR line.

But there they are again in the late afternoon light. I was very annoyed when the old bungalow across from us was knocked down and replaced by two unnecessarily tall houses (one must have 9-ft. ceilings!) that blocked our view of the Lions. It's a good thing the blueberry fields are nearby, so you can always get a fix. It's also a good thing to have Photoshop or some similar program, so you can edit out the cell phone towers.

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