Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ling Ling tired

It was a soggy day today, as the storm formerly known as Typhoon Ling Ling, apparently named after a moribund panda, shuffled ashore and did its worst, which, here, wasn't much at all. (There was a short-lived puddle on our driveway.)

Here is the full fury of Ling Ling. Uh oh, green stuff. That can't be good. But where are the predicted 70-90K winds? Poor, fatigued panda has so far topped out at 30. What a sad, last gasp for the once ferocious, powerful beast that charged bravely eastward from the Philippines.

Ling Ling

Hey. Don't blame me. I'm beyond moribund. I expired in 1992. By the way, the storm is spelled Lingling -- one word, no space. (Otherwise I would consider claiming royalties.)

Something worth knowing: There is no bamboo here in the afterlife, only bamboo-flavoured snackbars. The thumbs make it pretty easy to unwrap them, but I do miss the real stuff.

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