Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lone coots.

I've always liked coots. I always photograph them when I see them, though never sure what aspect of cootness I am attempting to capture. It would help to have the sound too, for their broken-voiced tooting is a big part their essence.

This picture and the following were taken from a distance with the camera's magnification on maximum, and sans tripod were bound not to be crisp -- and so these will be relegated to the swelling "bad bird photos" category of posts. What I was trying to achieve was an image similar to what Claude Monet or some other impressionist painter harbouring a secret fondness for coots might have captured on canvas. I waited for the birds to swim in front of colourful fall foliage, which would be reflected in the water around them.

And seeing as how the effect is intentionally impressionistic, sharp focus would not have been appropriate anyway. At least that's my story, and I 'm sticking to it.

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