Friday, October 5, 2007

New bird for the yard list (and more exquisite bird photography).

When you've been a birder since forever, you immediately know when something is wrong, such as when a Song Sparrow appears to be too small and is creeping mouse-like across the lawn instead of flitting around in the bushes. Reason: not a Song Sparrow.

Click to enlarge.

This very shy and wary bird (camera on maximum magnification) is a Lincoln's Sparrow, the first I have seen at this address. A Lincoln's sparrow is always a surprise. Seeing one while out birding usually sounds like this: "There's a funny little sparrow on the ground over there... ahh, oh! Lincoln's Sparrow!" And usually you only see one. Tick.

My children became aware I was stalking something so naturally joined in -- and that was the end of trying to get a close photo. Oh well. Tick.

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