Saturday, November 24, 2007

A big baffle.

This is the south arm of the mighty Fraser River, just upstream from the Steveston Channel, which is a narrow strip of water between the once bustling fishing port of Steveston and the long, narrow, man-made Shady Island. If I had pivoted ten degrees or so to the right and taken the picture, the eastern (upstream) end of the island would be visible. So, unfortunately, would have been an amorous couple, who on the "Ah, sweet romance, to Ewww, gross, get a room would you?" scale were definitely at the wrong end. Some of that drift wood will have to be burned now.

Anyway, the point of the picture was the line of pylons sweeping diagonally out into the river. They form the backbone of a large baffle or deflector, which keeps logs and other flotsam from entering Steveston Channel, which is downstream to the right. The deflector is old and decrepit, in need of repair, and arguments about who is responsible for it have occurred. It seems that no one wants to own it, although everyone agrees it is needed, as a port protector, historical curiosity, and romantic backdrop (eww).

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