Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Merganser merger?

At the pond in the neighbourhood park, if you pause at the shore, you will immediately be mobbed by pan-handling mallards. Then more mallards. And then more. They make it difficult to photograph more interesting waterfowl,

such as this female Hooded Merganser. She was in the eastern half of the dumbbell-shaped pond. I was on the bridge that spans the narrows. The pond is man-made, in what used to be the back yards of a series of large lots, and despite being only a couple years old contains sticklebacks, which this bird seemed to be hunting as she gradually made her way west.

Meanwhile, in the western part of the pond, a handsome male hoody was slowly working eastward. He was raising and lowering his crest, looking for a date.

"Over there!" I yelled, trying to be helpful. "Just keep going! Under the bridge!"

Unfortunately I had to leave, so I don't know if a love connection was made, if they found love among the mallards.

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