Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pecking order.

It's nice having eagles in the neighbourhood, even if it means finding the odd fish head on your driveway. Not everyone is so enamored with the big raptors, though. Ravens, especially, get ticked off when eagles return to the coast at this time of year. Suddenly they are no longer the biggest kids on the block.

Raven yelling up at partially obscured, unimpressed eagle.

There's a woodlot of Douglas fir and sitka spruce next to the playground. This scrap of forest is the year-round turf of a pair of ravens, who today took great issue with the arrival of an eagle pair and wasted no time laying on a ferocious scolding.

Seen from a different angle, the eagle seems unflinching and regal. Overhead is a crow, normally a raven irritant, today an ally.

The second eagle was more or less ignored by the angry corvids, but eventually flew off anyway. It was joined by the first, heading toward the river. The crows and ravens went back to hating each other.

Eagle springing to flight, another fine picture from Mr. Hesitation, my point-and-shoot.

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