Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who has photographed the wind?

I have complained about the weather before, not about it being nasty, but about it not being nasty enough. Now and then I like to test my mettle with the likes of a hurricane or even a few hours of gale-force wind, but we have not had much of late, certainly nothing like the wind storm last February that sent an upside down blue plastic recycling bin hurtling down the middle of the street at about 50 mph all the way from Garden City to No. 4 Road (a full half-mile). I contemplated reaching out to grab it, but reconsidered, because it probably would have taken my arm off and I needed both of them to continue clinging to the tree that was keeping me in place. Now that was a good storm.

As I type, a contender is approaching, but as usual is heading too far north to be much fun. I went out anyway to photograph the wind. Strange, my camera has settings for flowers, mountains, a lady with hair like Marlo Thomas, and persons standing in front of houses, but no wind setting. One must improvise. At the local high school a sea of leaves was sporadically (but frantically) blowing across the soccer field. I would have sat down to enjoy them whipping past, get some eye-level blurs, but the grass was wet and I was still a bit filth-shy because of last week's mistake in the snow goose field.

Some of these leaves in this picture are actually airborne. In a real storm I would not be able to photograph them at all, because I would be flowing with them, and we would all end up way over on the other side, behind the portable classroom.

And now the trees are mostly bare, so we have missed the chance for the perfect storm that includes masses of wet, wind-driven leaves slapping against windows and pedestrians.

Wait, I just heard a hearty gust outside, and the pyramid cedar has wobbled enough to activate the motion detector. Oh please, storm, stop with the teasing. Be a big bad wolf. Blow my house down.

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Wanderin' Weeta said...

Funny, my camera doesn't have a wind setting, either. You'd think they'd have noticed the lack.

I went right out when I read your post, and photographed the leaves I had noticed at our door. The cement and paving is swept clean, but a multi-coloured hodge-podge of leaves are stuck on the big mat.

And I got a picture of a fuschia in a hanging pot, with the long stems all reaching for the street. It was a blurry photo, though; there's where I needed a wind setting.