Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December means long shadows.

Shell Road Trail, among the blueberry fields, Richmond.

At this time of year if there is sun, it describes a low arc over the southern horizon, and more often than not seems to be in your eyes or shining directly into your camera lens. It's interesting to click through a year's worth of pictures that are roughly in chronological order and see how the quality of light changes with the seasons. We're supposed to be back into the rain and snow this afternoon. See ya later, sun.

Yesterday's barks: Bark 1- western hemlock. Bark 2- Douglas fir. Bark 3- cherry. Bark 4- Sitka spruce. Bark 5- western red cedar. Bark 6- some kind of aspen, possibly white aspen, a European species (Populus tremula). This wind-damaged, sprawly tree was at the edge of a parking lot, but when planted was probably a specimen tree in a backyard. Such is the etch-a-sketch changeability of modern suburbs. In this particular suburb, however, the trees are saved when possible, a good thing.

Some pot-smoking hoodlums were seated beneath this tree as I photographed it. They didn't say anything, but I sensed they thought I was a freak. A man in full bike-gear rides up, takes a camera from his pocket and takes a picture of a tree. What else were they to think? I apologized for invading their space, got back on my bike and rode away. Hi ho Silver!

Bark 6 tree - Populus sp.

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