Monday, December 3, 2007

Flood day.

We woke up to find that most of yesterday's snow had been washed away, to be replaced by massive puddles (read: lakes) in many places. Low-lying yards in the older properties are all flooded; newer houses are built on landfill that brings them up to road level, so their water also runs off onto the older properties.
Neighbours' yards.

Empty lot on the way to school, also below grade. Fifty years ago when this area was only sparsely developed and all homes were below grade, this sort of precipitation-based flooding (as opposed to a dike breach) was much more extensive. There were (and still are) road-side ditches, but they can be overwhelmed by such deluges, especially during high tide.

Things have been a lot worse. Same neighbourhood, 1954.

This is now the location of the Blundell-Garden City plaza, for those who know Richmond. Again, 1954 (pictures from Richmond City archives).

As promised to Cicero Sings in the comments from the previous post, a snowman update.

(He was here for a good time, not a long time.)

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