Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not a first-rate shrub.

Common Snowberry berries.
Once the leaves fall off almost everything, the berries of snowberry, which is a native shrub, catch your attention. For the rest of the year this plant sort of disappears into the background. Western Garden Book, 2001 Edition, gives common snowberry a ringing endorsement: "Not a first rate shrub but useful for its tolerance of poor soil, lower light, and general neglect." In other words, a botanical doormat. The above berries caught my eye as I cut through a park on my way to the mall to purchase the last Polly Pocket Jumbo Jet set at Toys R Us and in doing so save our Christmas.

More berries: the hawthorns are no shirkers.

More of the same, but even more. A first-rate shrub among trees.

The robins have taken notice of this bounty and are too bloated to move as I try in vain to frame a picture under a flat but bright overcast sky.

Psychedelic version. Result of consuming too many fermented berries.

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