Monday, January 28, 2008

Hometown hominid. (Historical local sasquatch sighting.)

I was using Google Earth with the Geographic Web layer clicked on. I noticed an orange dot in what is now the Richmond Nature Park:

When you mouse over the dot, a date and distance pop up (1966-07-21 ~5 mi) as well as a link:

which brings you to a sparse page that bears the following:


For: July 21, 1966


Occurrence: “Big Hairy Man” seen in woods. Height estimated at 7 feet.

Witness: John Osbourne


Occurrence: Observed the head and shoulders of a Sasquatch 6 feet above some raspberry bushes at night.

Witness: Darlene Leaf

WCSRO, 2005.

If you scan around the Pacific Northwest and beyond on Google Earth you can find other orange dots that correspond to sasquatch sightings or signs.

How fun. 1966 predates the Richmond Nature Park by a decade, but that scrap of bog was already surrounded by development. You never know who you'll meet in a bog.

What it might have looked like. Note, blueberry, not raspberry bushes. I believe that aspect of the observation was in error. Creature image modified from here.

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