Sunday, January 13, 2008

Patio Jungle

No, not Gilligan's Island. This is a picture from a couple years back of a thalloid liverwort growing between patio bricks on the shady side of our house. It is the haploid gametophyte stage (the dominant stage), and the stellar structures are archegonia, which produce the female gametes.

A nice diagram of the life cycle of liverworts, much clearer than any text book image I had to struggle with, is given in Wikipedia:

From Wikipedia, provided by LadyofHats


Adam said...

I found your blog by looking for a way to identify a type of crustacean that I caught and found in large numbers at the beach in Florida. Some of us still love nature and do not fear it. :)

Hugh said...

Very nice to hear. Thanks for the comment. Were you able to identify the crustacean?