Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pile of Rocks

Today has been a pile of rocks. I had much scanning and printing to do, and almost immediately the colour cartridge ran out ink. I knew I would one day pay for all those pumpkin pictures at Halloween.

So I climbed aboard my bike and headed to the ink store, only to have the cable to the derailleur tear apart inside the housing of the gear switch, which left me limited to first gear in heavy traffic. My legs don't move cartoon-fast for very long, so I abandoned hope of printing, and slowly, but at many rpms, returned home to scan.

But I had recently unplugged the scanner while moving the computer from over there (where it was) to over here (where I am presently sitting), and now, despite reconnecting it exactly as it had been and with no changes whatsoever to software, the computer no longer recognizes it. Being told by an error message to check if the cable is connected gets pretty tired after six or seven times.

On top of all this the weather is at a new nadir, all of the misery with none of the thrills. I repeat: SEND VITAMIN D!

The pile of rocks in the picture was found in the forest not far from here last July. I wonder why it was created and what lies beneath it. Perhaps it is a Canon Scanner and an HP computer. I own rocks, and am not afraid to use them.

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Cicero Sings said...

A little secret ... Mac computers are THE way to go!