Thursday, February 14, 2008

Richmond eaten, one soccer field at a time.

I have posted several times about the flock of snow geese that has taken up residence in Richmond this winter. Historically, a small flock has wintered here, but for the most part stayed out on the foreshore. This year, for whatever reason, tens of thousands have stayed, decided to move inland, and are, one-by-one, consuming the turf of every school yard in the city (Except for Hugh Boyd High School, which cleverly goose-proofed itself by installing artifical turf.) The geese eat the grass, tear up the roots, and leave behind fields of mud and dung.

The white pins mark fields I know the geese have consumed in whole or in part. There are probably others I haven't heard about, because the very persistence of the geese has rendered them no longer newsworthy --except to you, personally, when they start eating your particular school yard. And they are getting close! I noticed today that they have progressed to the school marked by the pink pin. Only another half-mile or so and they will have feasted throughout the entire suburban area.

Suburbanites are renowned for their love of great expanses of Kentucky bluegrass, and are equipped to deal with dandelions, crab grass, even moles. This winged white plague from the sky --we never saw it coming.

Garden City Park, scene of latest conquest. Sorry for the picture quality; I used my phone.

See here for snow geese 2008-09.

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