Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's green, and sounds like a bell?


(Old Monty Python joke.)

The great 2007-08 Lesser Snow Goose invasion is still in full flap. A childrens' playground at this park is totally fouled (fowled) and won't be usable until after the next heavy rain. Perhaps they'll call in the fire department to hose the place down.

It was a beautiful (rare) sunny day today, and even though I'm recovering from a minor case of pneumonia I thought a short walk would do some good. As soon as I stepped outside I looked up to see six Bald Eagles circling, three adults and three juveniles. Two of the adults engaged in a brief sky dance, where they clasp each other's talons and tumble. Wow.

Down the road a small flock of American Robins was eating holly berries. They were skittish and flew across the street to a Deodar cedar.

I liked the way the light hit him.

Unfortunately there is is no escaping that this is suburbia...

...but this can lead to odd juxtapositions, such as mountaineering crosswalk figures.

Finally, for the folks back east, the annual smug shot of crocuses in February.

Tee hee. Cough.


BerryBird said...

Oh, that is smug! Lovely photos though. I hope you feel better soon--I find that a walk improves almost any condition.

Hugh said...

True enough, Berrybird.

I'm feeling much better, thank you.