Friday, March 14, 2008

A Biophysical Inventory and Evaluation of the Lulu Island Bog, Richmond, British Columbia

The long-anticipated Biophysical inventory of the Lulu Island Bog is now available online, here. (Large PDF file, may take a while.)

If you are interested in bog ecology, or the flora and fauna of southwestern British Columbia, you will find this a valuable resource.


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Thanks! That's a great reference source. It will take a while to look through, though; three hundred umpteen pages!

And I see that you neglected your bounden duty of tooting your own horn. So I'll just have to do it. Some people nowadays! Sheesh!

Hey, people, our Hugh is one of the authors of this comprehensive inventory of the Richmond Bog, writing the chapter on the birds of the bog. I skimmed, and saw birds there that I have never seen; looks like the bog is the place to go!

Congratulations, Hugh!

Hugh said...

Thanks! We'll have to get you a hard copy when they're available.