Sunday, March 9, 2008

My hexawordal memoir.

Cicero Sings tagged me for the 6 Word Memoir meme that was started by bookbabie.

It stems from a vague memory, when I was young, younger than my son is now, visiting the old-style bird gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum with my father. There was an old-style diorama showing Passenger Pigeons, real mounted skins perched on branches or foraging for acorns on the forest floor. The back of the display was painted to look like a sky, blackened by an almost infinite flock of pigeons. No bird on earth had ever been so populous.

There was also a black and white photograph of Martha, the last known Passenger Pigeon, who died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. I remember being confused and angered by the diorama. How could they all be gone? And why didn’t I get to see them?

Two decades later as a graduate student at the ROM, I was able to open the cabinets in the avian collection and lift out and examine the stuffed skins, some probably the same specimens that had populated that long-gone diorama. A very bittersweet moment.

Rather than retell the perplexing and disheartening extinction-tale of the Passenger Pigeon, I’ll direct you to these two sites. My 6 word memoir is below the depiction of pigeon slaughter.

Still angry about the Passenger Pigeon.

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Anonymous said...

Very sweet memoir, and certainly the first I've seen mentioning pigeons of any kind. Enjoyed your blog! Thanks so much for playing:)

Anonymous said...

I like your memoir. Those extinctions, near extinctions, population decimations, etc, and general rape of the earth all anger me a lot, too.

Wanderin' Weeta said...

I have a vague memory similar to that; a museum, I think in Chicago, with a diorama including stuffed animals and birds, the first I'd ever seen.

We never went back; my parents weren't "into" museums, except for Bible and "Holy Land" ones.

My loss.

BTW, is "hexawordal" a word?

Hugh said...

w.w.: BTW, is "hexawordal" a word?

It's a word and a half! And then some!