Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bulkfood wallpaper images, for fans of such things.

I went for a long walk today, to buy a book. I ended up buying only Huckleberry Finn, which sort of relates to yesterday's post (Thanks to those who responded! There are good suggestions there.). After a search through the house I was surprised to find that we didn't own a copy. Too many moves since university.

I cut through a little mall in central Richmond. There was a grocery store with bulkfood bins outside, but the signage was only in Chinese. So I'm not sure what all these foodstuffs are, but thought they might make interesting images.

My favourite, aesthetically speaking. I haven't made up my mind if the broken ones add to or detract from the overall effect. Click on it to view a large version --it looks AWESOME.

Dried shrimp, included for colour.

Dramatic ending. Fungus or naugahyde?

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Camera Trap Codger said...

The first photo looks like salted damsens, which I have a powerful craving for. The dried shrimp are also delicious. Glad to see there was no bin of tiger penises.