Saturday, April 5, 2008

Career choice.

Great auk* (Not an option.)

Sitting, gazing out the nook window, son, unprompted, says, "When I grow up I want to study animals, but I don't know which ones."

I don't know whether to be proud or disheartened. I say, "Well, often it's the animals that choose you, not the other way around." More quietly I say to my wife, "The curse continues. A life of financial uncertainty and professional frustration."

"Now, now," she says, "Don't be negative." But then she says, "He'll study whatever isn't extinct yet." (And I was being negative?)

So I say, "No, he'll study whatever is on the verge of extinction. That's where the funding is."
Do other households have such conversations?

* Hand-colored engraving by John James Audubon and Robert Havell, circa 1827–30. RetrievedApril 5, 2008, from Britannica Student Encyclopædia:

Bloodroot update.

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Seabrooke said...

Oh, but it's so sadly true. When I was in high school, trying to make a decision on which way to take my life, it was between art and biology. Figuring there was no way I'd make a living at art, I went into biology. Nearly ten years later, having discovered it's nearly impossible to make any money in biology (at least doing anything that doesn't require sitting in an office), I'm now attempting a switch back to art. How ironic is that? I wish all the best to your son - it's possible, but only, it seems, with lots of hard work and a bit of luck.