Wednesday, April 23, 2008

monochrome mercredi

Do I read the manuals that come with new stuff ? No, I toss one manual (the one in the other language) into the recycle bin and stuff the second manual into the manual drawer, which contains manuals for cell phones, DVD players, and cordless phones we don't even own anymore.

So did I realize that while changing the ISO to 400 I had also changed the new camera to monochrome? Well I did eventually, when I got home and plugged the camera into the computer.

But really, a Pied-billed Grebe is basically monochrome anyway. This one was hooting. It sounded like an 8-year old imitating a gorilla. (I asked my son, who is 8, to imitate a gorilla and I assure you it's exactly the same sound.)

Awww, Mallard babies. They are also not terribly colourful, so B&W will suffice. This momma duck had 13(!) ducklings.

Full colour would have been a bit much here. All that red. Thank goodness I accidentally got rid of that problem.

Just for the heck of it, colour. I liked the pose of this American Goldfinch. He looks like a tennis ball.

One learns from one's mistakes.

One hopes.


Emily said...

I affectionately call the AMerican Goldfinch (both male & female) my 'Pigbirds'. They live on my feeder & deplete the sunflower chips at an alarming rate!

LOVE your photography!

Hugh said...

Yes, they're like that. Thanks for the compliment!