Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Popping from the soil, Abbotsford B.C.

These plants were found in a damp, mixed forest on Sumas Mountain, Abbotsford, a year ago this week.

Western trillium, Trillium ovatum.

Stink currant, Ribes bracteosum.

False Solomon's seal, Maianthemum racemosa.

Bleeding heart, Dicentra formosa intermixed with Pacific waterleaf.

Pacific waterleaf, Hydrophyllum tenuipes.

Pacific waterleaf is known from only 15 locations in British Columbia, on southern Vancouver Island and in the Abbotsford-Chilliwack area. Only one population is adequately protected. The main threat to the survival of this plant in the province is suburban sprawl. The patch above was found at 49 02 39.33 N, 122 14 07.85 W in a ravine threatened with infilling for road and subdivision construction.

Love child of C3PO and Tom Servo.


Wanderin' Weeta said...

I've seen the Pacific waterleaf, a nice patch of it. Somewhere. I can't remember where, though. I think it was somewhere in the hills near Rolley Lake.

Big help that is, eh?

Hugh said...

Oh well, at least I now know where Rolley Lake is! (I had to look it up.)

Texas Travelers said...

This is one of the best Nature Sites I have found.

Great Photos
Interesting Articles

I've added you to my Nature Blog Roll.

I'll be back later to read your other interesting articles and look at some more of your great photography.

Troy in Texas

Hugh said...

Thanks very much, Troy. I would like to return your compliments; I enjoy the diversity of your posts, and your photos are inspired.

Hugh in BC