Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blue bangles.

Suspended things, New Westminster, BC.

I was standing, perhaps even sulking, in a mall parking lot where the only vegetation was Himalayan blackberry (thriving) and pathetic bark mulch plantings (wilting). My family was in a store I generally refuse to enter, plus it was a very rare sunny day with, of all things, a BLUE sky.

The Himalayan blackberry was overrunning a hydro right-of-way that cut through the parking lot. Ugly upon ugly! But then I spied these things up among the wires. In a world of suburban drab, they were like jewels. And the sky was BLUE!


BerryBird said...

I was just talking to my sister this morning about how when we were kids, parking lots had trees. My folks would always park further away to get the shady spots. Times have changed... I can't think of a single grocery store or mall or other big lot with trees nowadays. Glad you found the bangles, at least.

Hugh said...

Amen. Oh, don't get me started on malls. Those damn places are designed so that you HAVE to drive to them. The only ways in are driveways.

Save the world, nuke the malls.