Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I conjure tanagers and photograph finches.

At this time of year it is very difficult to remain seated in front of a computer, because you know there are all sorts of cool birds flitting around outside. Plus, this morning, it occurred to me that today I would see a Western Tanager. It also occurred to me exactly where I would see it. So at lunch, I grabbed my camera and headed to the park, to the corner with the tall birch, where I knew I would see a Western Tanager.

Female American Goldfinch (not a Western Tanager).

And that is exactly what happened! Word of honour. I walked through the park directly to that tree, from which I could already hear an unfamiliar, three-syllable call. It had to be. I stepped back, looked up, and there it was, a Western Tanager! I’m going to buy lottery tickets. Before I could catch it in the long lens, a danged crow swooped at it, and it flew away. I followed where it flew but couldn’t find it, despite my most sincere, amorous pishing. Later on I did, however, rustle up a female Goldfinch.

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