Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New sport: Coyotethlon

Coyote, Terra Nova, Richmond BC.

It’s sort of like the biathlon, except instead of skis you’re on a bike, and instead of a rifle you have a camera. Ride through suburbia, including parkland, until the coyote crosses the trail ahead of you. Then you have about five seconds to dismount, remove your camera from your backpack or pannier, and get a picture. The last game ended with a shot of a mangy youngster.

Yesterday’s event took place within the dense, high, reed canary grass that covers so much of the Terra Nova Wildlife Area. I lifted the camera over my head, paparazzi-style and clicked away, hoping to catch something. I got five pictures of sky, six of blurred vegetation, and two of this mother coyote. A pup was with her; it was the first I saw, right in the middle of the bike trail, but I didn’t manage a picture. Too bad, it was a cutie.

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Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Sounds like a tough game. Glad you got the shot above.