Saturday, June 28, 2008


Whoever is in charge of the weather, thanks for this.
It almost makes up for the spring.


Nancy J. Bond said...

What a whimsical elephant! Glad to see you're getting some nicer weather. Sploot! is a real attention-grabber. :)

Hugh said...

Thanks, Nancy,

I suppose I should have mentioned that this is the first real stretch of summery weather southern BC has received this year. While we haven't had the weather nightmares of other places, our torment has been of a psychological sort -- hopes, continually dashed, that the sun would return for more than half a day at a time. Very, very depressing.

This morning we went to the water park and had a ball!

Anonymous said...

What fun!

We're having a very wet year as well - I keep thinking that animals will be lining up in pairs any day now.