Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Whorls of unimportant small white flowers.

I selected this plant in the perennial section of a major local nursery chain when the lady who ran the section lifted it up and said, “Well look at this.” I looked. I wanted. I bought. It has the name Ballota pseudodictamnus, which I have never bothered to commit to memory. I just remember that it is near the start of the Bs in the Sunset Western Garden Book, a bible of sorts.

It has been a stalwart in the garden ever since. Evergreen, tolerating the overarching summer growth of its neighbours, and unlike its mint family relatives never running amok itself. It is modest, pale green, and fuzzy. I like it.

The Sunset Western Garden Book says of this plant: “Bears whorls of unimportant small white flowers.” Judge not, I say.


GardenJoy4Me said...

What is unimportant to one gardener is quite the opposite to another ? .. pretty plant with very nice pictures !

patientgardener said...

I think the sales lady had a cunning sales style!
I like plants like this which are unusual.

chey said...

Very interesting plant. It looks almost chartreuse. I like it!