Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blame it on the bee.

Bombus flavifrons(?)

I was about to phone someone, someone I really didn’t want to speak to, and then this large bumblebee outside the window distracted me. It was bumping against the side of the house, and finally landed on the white thing that comes out of the side of the garage that no doubt has a critical function -- although I don’t know what it is. Electrical ground, perhaps?

I photographed bee, then went here to identify it, a very helpful site with an easy-to-use form. Pictures are also provided, but unfortunately a dry, dead bee on a pin rarely captures the look of a living, breathing, bumbling one. I'm pretty sure this bee is Bombus flavifrons, and likely a male. Flavifrons means yellow-fronted, I'm guessing here referring to the ventral front of the thorax.
And now I’m not going to bother phoning that person. The moment is lost, thanks to bee.

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