Saturday, July 19, 2008


Down the road there is a long-dead, spindly little spruce tree. A decision has been made on its ultimate fate, as indicated by the sign attached to it. (No, you cannot just go ahead and chop down a dead tree; things have to go through official channels.)

I feel sorry for the tree, but not because it has perished.

How would you like to have a sign nailed to your remains that specifies you have failed?


Cicero Sings said...

A sad end for sure!

Anonymous said...

Some days I think I do have that sign nailed somewhere. :)

chey said...

Awww:(. That is a sad way to end up.

garden girl said...

There's a forsythia I failed by siting it where the soil was too wet. The failure was mine. Not only did I plant it in the wrong spot, I didn't act quickly enough to save it when I saw its distress.

It may be that like my now-defunct forsythia, that poor tree was failed, not the other way around. :( Isn't it just like the government to blame, then punish and humiliate the victim!