Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello! (An internet meta-vignette.)


A man rowed a small wooden boat out into the Strait of Georgia. He folded the oars and waited for the boat to become still. Then he stood and faced Vancouver Island. “Hello!” he yelled to the mountains. But the mountains were too far away, and no echo was heard.

The man turned to face the mainland. “Hello!” he yelled at the towering reflector, which was close enough to provide an echo had it not been made of slats of wood with spaces in between. It was made to reflect radar waves, not human voices, so again, no echo was heard.

A harbour seal rose beside the boat, and it and the man stared at each other. The seal had nostrils that closed to a V as it sank out of sight. “Hello,” said the man to where it had been.

The man rowed back to shore and went home. He turned on his computer with the intent of starting a blog, a blog called Hello! He entered the address,, in the form, and found that this address was not available. There already was such a blog, although not called Hello! It was called Musings, and subtitled Questions, and had been started on the third day of the year 2001. It contained a total of one post, which said,

Hello: First day on blogger, heard about it on NPR and my curiosity was piqued. What else to say?It is cold outside today and I wonder why. Why is it warm in southern Europe and cold here today when we are at the same latitude(or is it longitude).How could society be improved. How would the world be different if I or you were in charge? Would it be better? What aspects would be worse?

A lot had happened since then, but no there were no further musings or questions. The owner of did not provide an email link, so the man was not able to drop a line to say, Hello!