Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drops & dropping.

Fireweed ghosts

Dropping leaf

Dew-drop necklace


*The leaves weren't really dropping, at least not continuously. They were dangling on filaments of spider silk.


mr_subjunctive said...

I appreciate the explanation on the "dropping" leaves. Though now I'm a little disappointed. C'est la vie.

cedrorum said...

You had me. I was wondering how many tries that must have taken.

Hugh said...

Yes, Mr. S. and Cedrorum,

It was a dilemma. Do I pass myself off as a much cleverer photographer than I am and live with that guilt, or do I fess up and let the truth kill the magic?

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hey, you cheated. Wish I'd thought of it:)

Hugh said...

Yes, Aunt D, I cheated, and am ashamed. But I did have to wait for the wind to stop blowing for a few seconds, so it wasn't as easy as taking a picture of a fire hydrant or a cactus, or lots of other stationary things.

kompoStella said...

these are very poetic images, and nice words to accompany them, too.

(thank you ever so much for your words on my crunch.)

Amy said...

I am mesmerized by the fireweed picture! It's so glowy and mystical looking. Beautiful!

Hugh said...

Thank you, kompoStella. I hope things are looking up.

Thanks, Amy. I was trying to get that effect with as little of the houses in the background as possible. It was a misty morning with interesting light.