Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I love Cedar Waxwings.

I was at the park, and one of the gardeners said to another, "Over there, there’s a flock of Cedar Waxwings..."

...and the other said, "I love Cedar Waxwings," which is a sentence I have heard many times, including from my mother – I believe they were her favourite bird—and so I wondered on the breadth of the love of this bird and went home and searched “I love Cedar Waxwings” and this, only slightly modified for continuity, is a sample of what resulted (apologies and thanks to unknown persons whose words I have used):

I love cedar waxwings. They look so elegant.

I love cedar waxwings. Their color almost melts to the eye.

I love Cedar waxwings. I can never get them to come in my yard.

I love Cedar Waxwings... I love their little masks.

I love cedar waxwings. I believe I read someplace they'll occasionally eat so many overripe berries they get "drunk."

I love cedar waxwings too, they are such striking birds!

I love Cedar Waxwings, they're gorgeous.

I love Cedar Waxwings... a really gorgeous bird.

I love Cedar Waxwings. They are so elegant.

I love Cedar Waxwings. Next to the Wood Duck, they are some of our most beautiful birds. They are elegant and dignified in a way that other birds are not.

I love Cedar Waxwings because of their little bandit masks.

I love cedar waxwings. They are such beautiful birds.


Cicero Sings said...

And what of the Bohemians ... are they considered renegade or what?!

Hugh said...

The Bohemians are also lovable and elegant, but being more boreal are unfamiliar to most North Americans.