Friday, October 3, 2008

The last sunny day.

Playing with images using filters from Photoshop Elements. Pictures taken on October 1, the last day before the arrival of six or seven or eight or nine or ten months of rain. Click images to enjoy effects to the fullest.
Apples hanging over the fence. (Fresco filter.)

Sunlit maple. (Cut-out filter.)

Ash. (Same tree as in this post from last year.) (Cut-out filter.)

More Amanitas, known for their photogenicity. (Sponge filter.)


pookie said...

What kind of apples, please? I'm apple-curious, as this city girl has just planted a Hetlina, Monty's Surprise, Liberty, and Egremont Russet (gawd help them).

Hugh said...

Sorry, Pookie. I don't know. They are hanging over the fence from someone's back yard into a park. I don't know much about apples. Good luck with your crop, and enjoy your springtime.

kompoStella said...

oh yes, we just had that last sunny day as well... and glorious it was. funky pictures but excuse me being daft; what's the filters? some kind of photo editing tool?

Hugh said...

Oh, I should have mentioned that (and now I have). The filters are effects available in Photoshop Elements, which is a non-professional version of Photoshop that came with a scanner.

kompoStella said...

ok, interesting, i've always wanted to try out photoshop... but i guess i would never leave the screen then ;-)