Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Leggy birds at the sanctuary.

At this time of year the main attraction at the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary is the influx of Lesser Snow Geese, but the supporting cast is pretty impressive too: raptors, waterfowl in fresh plumage, passerines at the numerous feeders along the trails... and others. Here are some long-legged others.

Sleeping with one eye open.

Right inside the gate, across from the warming shack, at least two Black-crowned Night-herons lurk in the trees. (Yup, they're still there.)


Every ditch and slough contains a Great Blue Heron or two. From the path where this bird was seen, we heard the bugling of Sandhill Cranes far out toward the dyke, so decided to head that way.

A show-off Ring-necked Pheasant escorted us the last hundred metres to crane-land, the outer lagoon.

All was quiet; preening time.

One almost started a dance, then thought better of it and returned to preening.

We were escorted back out.

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