Monday, November 10, 2008

Mr. Handsome.

Colaptes auratus, male, handsome.

Mr. Handsome, Northern Flicker, red-shafted race, has discovered the suet feeder and is spending a lot of time there. How do we know he's a he? The red malar (moustache). Sooner or later during the winter the yellow-shafted race will also make an appearance.

Mr. Handsome, incriminating residue, needs a tissue.

Mrs. Handsome.
"You've been at the suet feeder again, haven't you!"


Karen said...

Love flickers. They are very active in my neighborhood, and their calls are so LOUD! In a good way. I found an inexplicably dead one (male) once in my driveway and actually cried. Your photos of this pair are great.

Hugh said...

Thanks, Karen. Yes, they're beautiful, interesting birds. I finally wised up and used a tripod to take these pictures. (And I cleaned the kitchen window too. That helped.)

cedrorum said...

You are lucky in that you get to see both races where you live. We only see the yellow-shafted here. I miss the red-shafted we used to see while living in Southern California.

Hugh said...

Yes, the red-shafted race was a bonus in moving to this side of the continent.