Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rolling lid and other wind-related fun.

Neighbour’s green plastic garbage can lid is rolling down the street again. For some reason, it is usually windy on garbage day. (See?) (See??) Today's (last night's, mostly) wind hasn't done any significant damage, but has taken us that spirit-deflating step from early to late fall.

Streetside maple a week ago:

A mighty WOOF! and then this morning,

Undo, please.

Elsewhere, a pretty, but too temporary development.

Shorter-lived still, but clever--somehow pinned to the fence. Good one, wind.

But once you've blown down all the leaves, what will be left to distract us from the gloom?

Right. The lid. I’m going now to retrieve it, as I have done many times before -- and no doubt shall do again, because it's usually windy on garbage day.

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