Friday, November 14, 2008

Seven seconds at the suet feeder.

One Bushtit.

Two Bushtits.

Three Bushtits.

A lot of Bushtits.



cedrorum said...


Anne said...

Ha! Love it. Amazing how many cool blogs are out there and I found you via Plants are the Strangest People.

But I have to inquire, why would you want to get rid of barn swallows? Are they feuding with the bats?

Hugh said...

Thanks, Anne. The barn swallows line is a tongue-in-cheek response to the large number of people who found my blog by googling "How to get rid of barn swallows" after I had posted about how wonderful barn swallows were.

PSYL said...

How did the "poof" happened? Very nice shots though.

Hugh said...

Thanks PSYL,
How the "poof" happened -- one of them gives a signal, and "Poof," in a split second they're gone, like blowing into a heap of down feathers in the palm of your hand. Winter Bushtits are like the Borg--many bodies, one brain.