Monday, November 17, 2008


A foggy fall morning before the first hard frosts usually means good finds for web-fans. This has been a gentle fall thus far, and it's clear that many spiders and other silk-spinners (mites? lepidopteran larve?) are still out and about.

A classic orb weaver web, slightly dishevelled, in among the Spirea (hardhack).

Himalayan blackberry thoroughly trussed.

I took this picture for the constellation of remaining leaves, but a closer look reveals looping strands of silk.

More web art.

Douglas fir, fleeced.

I was walking home from the Paulik Park garden, and came across a condominium complex with a row of "pyramidalis" cedars planted in front, inside the iron fence. A tidy little man with a whisk broom and a colourful paper shopping bag with string handles was moving along, sweeping the webs strung between the cedars into the bag.

I didn't tell him there were webs outside the fence too.

A final web before crossing the road.


Crafty Gardener said...

What fascinating photos of the webs. Great shots.

Northern Shade said...

You have some beautiful shots of webs.
One time of Vancouver Island I was walking in the forest on a foggy morning, when I got to a clearing just as the sun broke through. It was a stunningly theatrical moment, as the sunlight reflected the glitter from hundreds of ropes of pearls and diamonds strung between the branches. Each web was a work of art, highlighted by glistening drops of water.

nina said...

Love your finds of spider webs!
The fall mornings are great fro covering them so beautifully!

It's Time to Live... said...

Like your web art, and the rest of your blog as well, some great images!