Saturday, December 13, 2008

49 11 30.61, -123 04 46.66

49 11 30.61, -123 04 46.66

Cut & paste that into Google Earth or Google Maps, and see what you see.

Correct! A United Airlines jet parked on the Knight Street/Bridgeport cloverleaf, here in Richmond.

Or is it?

No. It’s an inbound flight, about four miles from touch-down, which the Great Eye of Google managed to capture as it approached YVR’s north runway. Cool, huh? I spotted it while looking up an address.

The north end of Richmond is a good place to watch commercial air traffic, if that’s your thing. I still get a charge out of being below the big ones as they come in. I’ve always wanted to hang out here.

A previous home was only three miles from touch-down, directly beneath the glide path to the south runway. The house had a skylight over a central stairway. If you stood on the landing, you could see jets gliding over so low that their wing-tips were cropped. If you were downstairs at night with the lights off as a plane came over, if the timing of its flashing white strobe was just right, you would for a split second see every detail of the house illuminated in blinding white light, and then you would bump into something because your retinas were confused.

Was it noisy?

Yup. But noisier when the wind was blowing the opposite way and the planes were going over higher, but during take-off. Wore out the volume button on the clicker.
Can you guess what the building with the blue patch on the the roof is, coming up on the left side of the plane? Hint: We bought an Ektorp there.

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Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

It does look like that plane is sitting on the highway.