Monday, December 15, 2008

Backyard mountains.

Day two of the cold snap. It's one of those bright, clear days when you want either to get up high, or--if you're stuck in the middle of a pancake-flat island without access to a tall building--find an open space. Why? To look at the north shore mountains.

The Lions.

I take the trail between the blueberry fields and find a gap in the birches.

Red-tailed hawk and Grouse Mountain. The shaved areas are ski hills.

Bonus: There are always eagles around at this time of year. On bright December days they do doughnuts above houses, shopping malls, school yards, everything. Look up, kids!


cedrorum said...

Mountains? I haven't seen those in a while. I'm hoping for snow here this year, but that is always a shot in the dark. Nice eagle picture.

Hugh said...

Cedrorum: Mountains are fun. They liven up the horizon. I hope you get so snow. (But not too much.)

Susan Tomlinson said...

Beautiful! We don't have mountains here. Or snow very often, for that matter. ;-) Thanks for sharing the scenery.

lisa said...

Beautiful! I get to see eagles too...sure never gets old, eh? Hope they don't spot any tasty pets!