Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coming soon: Festivals of the Trees.

Yes, plural. Two editions of Festival of the Trees, the carnival of all things arboreal, will be appearing within a month.

Festival of the Trees #30 (this month’s version) should be up shortly at A Neotropical Savanna. It has been delayed by storm damage to the antenna used for internet access by host Mary’s community in Panama. See the FOTT home site for updates.

Next Month’s (January) edition will be hosted in a more temperate rainforest, here at Rock Paper Lizard. So, go out on a limb: retrieve an old favourite or create a new favourite tree-related blog post, and find a second home for it at Festival of the Trees #31.

Please send links to tree- or forest-related blog posts and photosets no later than December 29 for inclusion, and be sure to put “Festival of the Trees” or FOTT in the subject line of your email. The address is talba [at] shaw [dot] ca. You can also try using the online submission form at


1 comment:

Cicero Sings said...

Trees, trees everywhere and not one post about them! Sorry Hugh ... nothing to offer.

Good luck putting it all together what with the Christmas rush and all.