Saturday, December 20, 2008

Knock it off!

Knock-knock-knock. It has the same cadence as a person knocking at a door, and makes me jump.

Snow scored by wingtips.

I open the blinds and the culprit erupts from the shingles in a blur of orange that transforms into a bright white rump, which drops down and then sails up to land in birch a few yards over.

Stupid flicker. Stop eating my roof.

I like flickers plenty. Search this blog for “flicker.” It’s definitely a pro-flicker blog.

White rump-spot of guilt.

But I also like my roof.

So knock it off!


I likE plants! said...

Are they driving you nuts????


Camera Trap Codger said...

We had a drumming flicker at an old farm house in Downers Grove, Illinois. It rattled the roof gutter early in the morning. Youngest daughter, three years, would wake up crying. We told her it was a special visitor, saying good morning just to her. After that she stopped crying. Luckily the house wasn't ours.

Someone down here told me he had to shoot 120 acorn woodpeckers before they stopped hammering his house.

Good luck.

Hugh said...

Eric: Does it show?

CTC: One would hope the common Borg-brain of the acorns would be a little sharper than that. And there's gotta be a special place in hell for someone who would shoot 120 of them. Maybe his house just sounded good.

Wanderin' Weeta said...

"So knock it off!"

That's what he's trying to do!

cedrorum said...

Reminds me of the red-bellied that wakes us up around May/June with pounding on our rain gutters. At least they are metal.

lisa said...

Flickers used to tap on the metal roof at my mom's in the spring...I'm guessing to communicate or something. Up here, they peck holes in the side of my house...I just caulk them as they occur. I could NEVER shoot them! (Plus it's um, illegal.)