Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Making the most of things.

Today's confounding snow (and more coming tonight)... becomes next year's Christmas cards.


Blue spruce.

Cherry in morning light.

Reminder: Festival of the Trees #31 will coming to life as the New Year dawns, here at Rock Paper Lizard. Thanks to those who have sent links thus far. Others, hurry please, and send your tree-related blogpost links to talba [at] shaw [dot] ca, or via the online submission form. The deadline is December 28. If emailing, please put “Festival of the Trees” or “FOTT” in the subject line. Remember that you don’t need to be the author or artist to submit a link.


Susannah Anderson said...

Amazing colour on that last shot!

Chrissy said...

Love the shots. Yep, more snow coming tonight, guess there is nothing we can do but enjoy the sights.

lisa said...

My sentiments exactly-try and enjoy the things you can't control anyway. Nice shots, especially that last one!