Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Optimism beats its wings at 70 rps.

The first day of December was grey, drizzly and cool.

Water dripped from every surface. One had to be careful in setting the tripod.

Nevertheless, Squeaky the Anna's Hummingbird was singing defiantly-- fending off would be rivals--or perhaps the gloom?

He has a secret weapon, kindly placed in this urban forest. A red spot of hope (and sugar-water) to get him through the winter.
(Oh yes, and insects too; we saw him fly-catching within a gnat-cloud a week or so ago).


Gail said...

Wonderful photo of the brave little hummingbird! gail

Anne said...

Nice photos! and glad to hear that Squeaky is getting some help from his friends. Cute name, it exactly describes their call. We have year round Annas here, they bathe in the fountain every morning, and then supervise all goings on in the garden.