Monday, December 1, 2008

Phog fotos.

The fog started at about 4PM, less than half an hour before sunset. After three days of precipitation totalling 50 mm, the ground, especially in low-lying areas, was saturated, and then, briefly, the cloud cover dispersed. Quickly the radiant heat from unsheltered turf beamed skyward and the air reached its dew point. In a matter of minutes a dense layer of radiation fog formed over depressed areas, including the field at the nearby park. There it was, magical, but I was hurrying off on an errand.

13 second exposure. A woman and her dog walk into a fog bank. (See their ghostly traces beneath the weeping birch.)

By the time I returned the sun was set, and by the time I got to the park, now with camera and tripod, the sky had already closed and the fog was dissipating. A woman with her large dog walked past into the remaining murk. I took a couple of pictures, long exposures that artificially boosted the light.

13 seconds more. The woman reconstitutes herself by standing still. The dog is vapour.

Later I went out again. The fog had returned, this time a thicker blanket of advection fog—warm, humid air blanketing the cooling island.

It’s difficult to photograph fog from within, especially at night, trying to make the most of the glow and sweep of street- and headlights. You have to play around with focal lengths, shutter speeds and apertures, and see what turns out. Fun though. I wish I’d had more time.

I awoke at 3AM to foghorn blasts from the South Arm of the river. I love that sound. Like rain on the roof, it makes me feel safe.


PSYL said...

Interesting (and creepy) photos. And thanks for sharing the science behind the formation of the fog.

The foghorn description does sound scenic, but I am not sure how I'd feel about being waken up at 3AM.

zhakee said...

Your foggy photos are great. I love the way moisture in the air affects the way things look, and the way photos turn out too. I live where fog is so very rare, that when things do get all misty, I savor the scenery.