Thursday, December 11, 2008

A small stand.

I had about fifteen minutes to kill between errands on this cold but bright day, and new Old Friend Paulik Park was on the way, so I went to the birding sweet spot, and here's who I saw -- all within a few square metres. Sort of like a Big Sit, but much smaller, and while standing. (A Small Stand.)

Chek-chek, chek-chek. A Winter Wren was using the felled Gunnera leaves as a lair, popping out now and then to disapprove of me.

Many American Robins were in the hollies, eating berries, and a lot were very pale, like this one lurking in the leaves. This common bird is actually at its most numerous in the Georgia Depression now. Here, robin flocks are harbingers of winter.

Our Friend Flicker, safely ensconced in his winter home.

There were also many Dark-eyed Juncos, too many to count, a few chickadees, crows, and Spotted Towhees, and, as squeaky as ever, the Anna's Hummingbird.


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