Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow falling on...

It's very wintery today, with the second snowfall in three days. And more due at week's end. Where is this?


The tricky part was keeping the camera dry. Solution: golf umbrella. A bit awkward, and looks ridiculous, but as long as the wind isn't too high is manageable.


Small birds were hiding, but the celebrity raven pair and their crow paparazzi were making a racket in the tree tops.


"Here in metro Vancouver, 5-10 more centimetres is expected before the snow tapers off to flurries," said the weather lady, who is speaking over my shoulder.


A young woman was waltzing down the street, calling, "Isn't this enchanting?"

A man walking his husky was bundled up and grim. The dog was happy though.

European holly.

I'm ambivalent. It's pretty, and in the short term it's different, which is important to one's sanity. But driving's no fun, biking is impossible, and if people don't shovel, the sidewalks quickly ice over and become littered with toppled children.

Everyone, shovel your walk, feed the birds, and don't forget to thaw the birdbath.

I didn't take a picture of a cedar.


cedrorum said...

In light of my recent post, love the European holly picture. Isn't it funny how weather can affect people in such varied ways. I like the snow myself, but have never lived in an area that it snows a lot.

swamp4me said...

The pictures are beautiful, but I am having a hard time not laughing at the image of you beneath a golf umbrella wielding you camera...

Hugh said...

Cedrorum: Yes, I thought of your post. Holly and snow demands a picture, at least on this side of the 25th! The Vancouver area is interesting regarding snow, because it snows here every year, but usually doesn't stick around long enough to become a drag. However, because long-term snow is a relatively uncommon event there isn't enough infrastructure set aside to deal with it properly, so when there is a big storm you might as well stay home.

Swampy: One does what one must do. Dignity be damned.

PSYL said...

I like the snowfall pictures, I am having trouble taking good snowfall pictures (with my point-and-shoot) because the motion always ended up blurry.

And snow is definitely good for elevate one's sanity, especially here in Lower Mainland.

I walk down the streets always thinking, "isn't this enchanting" too.